Insulated Commercial Swimming Pool Covers

save money

Conserve heat & use less energy
Reduce chemical loss
Reduce evaporative water loss
Help our environment

The Best Custom Made Swimming Pool Covers, Storage Reels, and Automatic Re-winders

American-made quality you can depend on

Produced by the most respected brand name & the most experienced manufacturer in the business

Our “EnergySaver”® insulated pool cover, storage reel, and automatic re-winder systems are precision crafted in our Oakland, California manufacturing facility using the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Each product is tailored to our customer’s specification

Municipalities  ⋅ Universities ⋅ Schools ⋅ Corporate ⋅ Hotels ⋅ Clubs
Spas ⋅ Resorts ⋅ Homeowners Associations ⋅ Apartments

Environmentally Responsible

Not only it is good for your wallet but it is good for our environment too!

Even before the idea of environmental responsibility became a popular marketing tool, T-Star has always promoted and encourage the idea of energy conservation. We don’t just promote energy conservation but we practice it daily at our facility by using energy efficient vehicles, machineries and participating in recycling program. We invite you to consider the use of a cover system on your pool to curb non-renewable energy usage, cut down the process of evaporative water and chemical losses.

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